About Me




Hello everyone!  My name is Joshua Stanley and I'm am 25 years old addict to the rotary powered 3rd generation RX-7.  I live in Jennersville, PA located in Chester County about one hour southwest of Philadelphia.  I attended Drexel University for 5 years and have a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Engineering Sciences with a specialization in Operations Management.  Besides studying all the time (haha), I was on the wresting team.   I was voted team captain for 3 years and racked up 110 wins, as well as 2 trips to the NCAA Division 1 tournament.  When I finally graduated in the summer of 1998 I saved some money and purchased my 1993 silver touring RX7 in November of 1998 with a mere 11,800 miles on it.  It was purchased at the Manheim Dealer's Auction for $18200.  After a few modifications I was able to run an 11.6 @ 118 mph in the 1/4 mile.  I am currently involved in autocrossing and  slowly getting into some driving seminars on one to three mile road courses.

Besides working on cars, I am a volunteer wrestling coach for the Oxford Jr. Wrestling Club.  Since I spent the majority of my life seriously involved in the sport, I feel its only right to pass on some of my wisdom.  I finally found some time to put some of my findings and experiences into a web page and share them with other enthusiasts.  I will be continually updating  this web site as I learn more and more about this car.  Hope you enjoy!