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Drag Racing, the  most objective way to truly test your cars raw power ability from point A to B.  There's nothing quite like lining up one on one and letting it all hang out for 1/4 mile.  Stock RX7's run anywhere from a 13.6 to a 14.0 seconds at around 100 MPH.  Quick?  Yes, but this wasn't enough for me.  I was aiming for low 12's.  After proper modifications (which are all listed in this site) I was ready to take on the track.  My local track is Cecil County Raceway, located in the northern part of Maryland.  Cecil is over populated with Mustangs, Camaros, and any other American made muscle car you can think of.  Imports are a rarity.  You might find a good handful on a typical Friday night.  Nothing very fast.  I felt a little out of place, but I knew my 7 could hold it's own.  On my first night I ran 100 octane unleaded race fuel and turned my boost up to about 14 PSI.  I launched the car hard on factory street tires and what a surprise.  Nothing but wheel spin.  I didn't even start to hook up until about 3rd gear.  My 60' time was a lousy 2.2 seconds with a 1/4 mile time of 12.8 at 117 mph.  No matter how I launched I just couldn't seem to better that time. 

I began to search for a tire with a little more grab; a  lot more grab!  I checked out Nitto's drag radials, BF Goodrich drag radials and slicks from all of the major companies.  Since my only use for these tires was drag racing, there was no need for compromise.   I wanted slicks, real slicks.  The only company that made slicks in a size that would fit my stock rims was Mickey Thompson.  I opted for the 26/10.5/16 size.  The tires when mounted look as though they have plenty of clearance.  I did experience a little rubbing on the inside when the car squatted of the line when the pressure was  < 16 PSI. 

My next visit to the track went a bit differently to say the least.  Off the line my tires hooked up incredibly!  No tire spin what so ever.  I posted a 60' time of 1.6 seconds, that's a .6 second improvement in the first 60'!  My 1/4 mile time was an astounding 11.7 @ 118 mph.  The boost was set at approximately 14 PSI but crept up to almost 15 PSI by the end of the run.  My time was cut by 1.1 seconds with slicks being my only change.  To this day I haven't duplicated that run.  I've  run into the 11's a few times but haven't been able to get my 60' time under 1.7 seconds.  If I can get my 60' back down in the 1.6's I should be able to improve upon that 11.7.  A few races later I completely disintegrated my brand new CFDF clutch (see drive train page) with approximately 12 runs and 2500 street miles.  I've since then purchased an ACT 6 puck combo and have been hesitant to drag race on a regular basis due to the foreseen expense if I keep braking things.  I'm extremely happy with 11.7 for now and will be back  next year for some more drag racing when the season starts up in full.  See you then!

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Update!  4/8/00

I finally got a chance to get to the track and see how well my new Goodyear Eagle F1's hooked up in the 1/4 mile.  My first run was a very impressive 12.2 sec  @ 118mph.  This was with about 14 lbs. of boost on the turbos and without heating up my tires.  I just chirped them for a second.  I was so happy with that time I didn't even bother running again.  Since they are my street tires I didn't want to beat them up.  I'm sure my clutch was happy with that decision as well.  Not bad for a $110 street tire. 


SLICKS     (left lane)                  STREET TIRES   (left lane)


Update! 10/21/00  11.66 @118.4 with 14psi of boost

Right Lane:  11.66 @118                    Right Lane:  1.65 sec 60' time



In Line At Cecil County Raceway


November 19, 2000 Atco Raceway