Dyno Sheet



NOTES: (02/10/02)

- Red and Green:  Boost started at 14 psi when the second turbos came on line at around 5K RPMs.  At  around 6.4K RPMs, the boost dropped to 13 psi and stayed there until redline.

Purple:  Boost was at 12 psi when I looked at the gauge.  By looking at the graph, it looks like the boost fell off a little at around 6.6K RPMs.  I was not looking at the gauge the entire time so I cannot explain exactly what happened.  My guess is it fell to 11-11.5 psi at 6.6K RPMs.

In all three graphs, the engine continued to make power past 7700 RPMs.  Next time I will make sure the engine is wound out to 8K RPMs so I can see exactly where the power begins to taper off.

From here, my plans are to install an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, get the car checked and tuned with a wide lambda O2 sensor and go for a dyno run at 15 psi.