Spark Plug Wires

My stock ignition system seems to work very well.  The only problem I've experienced so far is a broken spark plug wire at 17,000 miles which I am told is very uncharacteristic of these cars.  I noticed a hesitation after I replaced my spark plugs.  I suppose the wire broke when I pulled it off of the spark plug during removal. The stock wires were replaced with 8mm Taylor wires.  The wires look very nice and perform flawlessly. 


Spark Plugs

The stock setup for the spark plugs is BUR7EQP leading and BUR9EQP trailing.  For everyday street driving I use BUR9EQP the leading and trailing.  The higher the heat range, the more resistant the spark plug is to knocking or detonation.  When I race my car I use 10.5 race plugs trailing and BUR9EQP leading.  The downfalls to using racing plugs for everyday use is that they are very expensive to replace (around $40 each) , and they have a tendency to foul out often.  It is also recommended to use platinum plugs as opposed to standard plugs.  Platinum plugs last about twice as long as the standard plugs.  Standard plugs will probably only last about 5000 miles as opposed to platinum plugs which will last approximately 10,000 to 15,000 miles.  The P in BUR9EQP means they are platinum.  If there is no P then you don't have platinums.  Most automotive stores don't carry platinums.  They have to be special ordered.  However, they usually carry the standard, non platinum plugs which they will try to sell to you.  Just be cautious and look at them carefully before you buy them.


Approximate Performance Gain:

Ignition wires - none (reliability mod)

Racing plugs - none (reliability mod)