Road Racing



Fall 2000 MADS

I was present at the fall Mid Atlantic Driving School, but did not participate in the racing school.  The seminar was held at the newly renovated Virginia International Raceway.  Here are I few pictures I took during the parade lap.



Spring 2000 MADS

I had so much fun at the fall MADS event, I decided to registered for the summer MADS to be held at Summit Point Raceway (the smaller track).  Even though I was only on the track for a short time, during the parade lap, I knew this was for me.  I've always wanted to take my car to the extreme and see what it could really do.  This was my chance.  Being my first event, my instructor suggested that he take the car around for the first couple of laps to show me the lines.  After a few laps, he became a little confident and spun my car out in the final turn.  Now it was my turn.  I started out slow on the first couple of laps.  Lap after lap my confidence began to build.  Before long, I was screeching the tires in nearly every turn learning the limits of my car.  I nearly spun the car out a couple of times, but managed to make the appropriate saves.  One or two of those close calls were not all my fault.  My second instructor kept telling me to accelerate harder out of a few turns when I could already feel the tires breaking loose on me.  He obviously wasn't very familiar with the 3rd gens because he kept telling me that I was accelerating too late and too abruptly out of the turns.  I was trying to explain to him that it was the second turbo that was coming on line so abruptly, but he wasn't getting it.  By the end of the run, he told me that if my car was a convertible, he wouldn't get back in with me.  He told me if I kept pushing the car the way I was, I was going to roll it or something.  WTF?  The whole purpose of me going to the track in the first place was because I wanted to push the car and see what it could do.  I told him something like .... "you sound like my girlfriend".  Oh well, I had loads of fun even though he was trying to slow me down the whole time.  Here are some pictures of me doing what I love.