It didn't take long for me to burn off the stock Yokohama SA022's, and before I knew it I was in the market for a new set of tires.  Tires play a crucial role in the way a car accelerates, handles, and stops.  For this reason I wasn't going to settle for anything less than what was originally put on the vehicle.  I was basically looking for something that performs equal to or better than the stock A022's.  They need to last longer (better treadwear rating than 160) and be priced reasonably.  I was also interested in plus sizing which would increase tire size from 225/50/16 to 245/45/16.  After a lot of research, I narrowed my choices down to the Yokohama AVS Sports ($167) and the Goodyear F1 GS($113).   The AVS Sport is clearly the better performance tire from what I've read and heard from others, however, is it $54 better per tire?  Both are considered performance rain tires, both are Z rated and both have AA traction and A temperature ratings.  The F1 has a 300 treadwear rating compared to the 200 rating on the AVS Sport.  That, along with the $216 I'd save buying the whole set made the decision rather easy.  I suspect these should last a little longer than my previous set, and after test driving them, I can happily say that they outperform my stock set of Yokohamas. 


For the drag strip I purchased a set of Mickey Thompson ET drag slicks.  I was able to fit a set of 26/10.5/16's on the stock rims without any rubbing issues.  I usually run the slicks with about 15 pounds of pressure.  For more info on drag racing go to my Drag Strip link.


Yokohama A032 Intermediate Race Compound Tires

These babies stick to the road like no other!